Café Krisztina

For the comital family of Wenckheim, in addition to the management of the model farm estate, Szabadkígyós was mostly about the comforts of rural life, relaxation, recreation, and entertainment.

In keeping with the custom of the time, a representative spatial sequence was also built in the palace for the reception of guests. The palace had a broad variety of visitors, including aristocrats related to the family, aristocratic families from the county or adjacent areas, and the palace also accommodated participants of hunts.

During the restoration work conducted as part of the National Palace and Castle Programme, the ancient artefacts of the palace that had been assumed to be lost, have been returned to their original locations as well.

The members of the Wenckheim family were famous for their refined taste – it was no different in the field of gastronomy. Café Krisztina, established in the palace, is meant to evoke this atmosphere for the visitors – a slice and a drop of the milieu that surrounded the residents and guests of the palace. The elegant café, with both modern and traditional elements, is stylistically set up in the historicised, wood-panelled former grand dining room, and is open to visitors without an entrance ticket.

The café offers specialty coffees, teas, pastries and local products, and is the only place to taste the Wenckheim “honey-mascarpone” cake, known as the Wenckheim Napocska.